When we lived Adam and eve – before the dinosaurs or after them?

In a dispute with an atheist about Creation of the world, he asked this question: “When we lived Adam and eve – before the dinosaurs or after them?” I really thought, but still not figured out how to respond. The issue turned out to be quite tricky. I know that according to the teachings of the Church, in the garden of Eden all the animals were fed grass (Genesis 1:30) and of course did not die until Adam and eve sinned. As a result of the fall, animals, like people, have begun to die and appeared and predators. By this logic, it turns out that the first humans already existed at the time of the dinosaurs, among them were the predators (t-Rex, etc.), and of course they all died. Logically, Adam and eve lived long before the dinosaurs, as there are the remains of more primitive animals that lived and died long, long ago; I am not an expert and don’t know how many years ago lived the most ancient animals known to science. But, as they died, i.e. the fall of the first people there was before, then to the human remains found in the same geological formations have been discovered about dinosaurs and the Ammonites. But paleontologists have not found anything similar, and all found human remains date back as significantly related to late periods. Another problem it turns out – is a super long story of mankind protivorechii science, and the Bible. In the Bible, I doubt not going, but I somehow become unpleasant. trapped still got. Then should I deny paleontology, but on what basis? As an atheist of course I am sure that the Bible contradicts itself, and truth, unlike science. Help please to understand, I must confess that confused! Probably sent to me a lesson against vysokomu. Sincerely: B. Todorov

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the works of His hands the firmament proclaims” (PS. 18:2)

The study of human nature, it leads to the glorification of its Creator, to an even greater and deeper understanding of Scripture. There is a misconception of atheists that science contradicts the Bible and therefore naturally their desire to put the believer in a dead end. However, there are many reasons in ourselves. Not only strict and Pharisaic-minded grandmother, are an obstacle to Christ coming, but in ourselves there are many things that are prohibitive to consider themselves atheists. In we are full of prejudices, sustainable false stereotypes about what is written in the Book of Life.

Regarding the issues of salvation, the Holy fathers of our Church developed a sufficiently clear understanding, but in minor matters there are differences of opinion and just, not on anything not insist, assumptions.

In this regard, the answer to this question are extremely variable and therefore too tedious to enumerate pondering all the possibilities. The lead opinion, which, I think, most likely.

Animals, according to Scripture, God created before man. The most correct, I think, to regard the days of creation not as the days in our current understanding, it is not logical, given that the Sun never once appeared, and as uncertain periods, for convenience, indicated by the Genesis days. God is all-powerful and could do everything, not only in six days, but in one day, and in the moment. The Savior who came into this world God and our Creator, sometimes heals by a word, sometimes a touch of the hand, and sometimes rubs the clay is “Doing Bo as hewet”.

Nowhere in the Bible does not mention that prior to the sin of man on Earth there was no death. God forbids a man under pain of death to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as already knowledgeable on the example of the animal that it is.

People, on the interpretation of exegetes who know the Hebrew language, was created to be like God for living on earth. He had, through reproduction, in the projection become ruler of the world. Heaven and God’s special law, located in a small plot of land, had through human activity to spread over all the earth. The words “and all beast of the earth, and every fowl of the air… I have given every green herb for food” (Gen. 1:30) said to a man, so he followed it. Where? – In the place of his residence, i.e. in Paradise – in the present “And it was so” (Gen. 1:30), and – in the future, the spread of humans across the earth become a Paradise “the wolf shall dwell with the lamb…and the lion like the ox, shall eat straw” (ISA.11:6-8).

If before the fall, animal (and not only) world stared at the man, as in God, and in obedience to him inexplicably touched eternity, being mortal, erring man, to subdue creation, they also introduced him to the hopelessness of death, meaninglessness mediated existence. Why and up. Paul said that “the creation was subjected to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected it” (ROM.8:20).

I.e. God created dinosaurs before man was created, and, most likely, they died out (performing a role) too, before the creation of man. Or has changed, or remained very small population, the remains of which are not found in those strata, where they find the remains of primitive people.

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