The remains of the earliest settlements

This will happen if archaeologists will not carry out their mandated work

On the new constructions on the hem on the street of St. Andrew, 2/12, paradoxical situation. Scientists from the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine claimed to have discovered here traces of settlements XI–XII centuries — and so, we need to excavate. And in the Kiev city administration for the protection of monuments of history, culture and historical environment say the opposite: in the construction pit is nothing interesting for scientists not. In the conflict had to intervene in the presidential Administration of Ukraine and Vice-Prime Minister Vladimir Seminozhenko, because of the capital’s Hem is part of the historical and archaeological reserve “Ancient Kiev”.

Near the construction site found the manor of the XI century

— Recently we found in the construction pit of the cultural layers XI–XII centuries, says the head of the Podolsk expedition of Institute of archeology of NASU Michael Sagaidak. — We knew roughly where to look: next to the pit in the mid-1990s were built Academy of the National Bank of Ukraine, the expedition found the remains of the manors of the eleventh century. I also want to explore deeper soil layers, because the present site is in an area where we hope to find the remains of the first settlements on the territory of Kiev. To date, the earliest discovery Dating back to the year 887, was made on the place where now stands the zhitniy market.

It is essential to carry out excavations in the street of St. Andrew’s and to check the version: is famous in the annals of road Borichev Current, connecting the Upper city with Podol, ran roughly from St. Michael’s Cathedral the current through the upper station of the funicular and down to the street Borichev Current. First it was thought that this road passed, most likely, to St. Andrew’s descent. However, during the restoration of the Mikhailovsky Cathedral was found the remains of the ancient Church (they are now available for General viewing), under which, as under the Golden gate, was a passage oriented in the direction of the hem. Just so the Church-gate did not build, so there was significant road.

— We installed at the construction site archaeological supervision, regularly come to the site and look, don’t get too close to whether the builders of the cultural layer, — explains the chief of Department of protection of the archaeological heritage Department for protection of monuments of history, culture and historical environment Vladimir Pogorelov. — If he were there, we immediately ordered to stop excavation and invite my colleagues from the Institute of archaeology. So, for example, was admitted when recently during construction at the hem, on the street Nikolsko-Britanskoy, were discovered traces of ancient settlements. In the pit at St. Andrew’s they have not yet found. As archaeologist say: Yes or no archaeological monuments in the street of St. Andrew’s can meet the professional excavations.

11 years is not money for the excavations of the ancient stone Church on Podol

Now there is hope that such excavations will be carried out. According to Vladimir Pogorelov, the Office for protection of monuments of history, culture and historic environment will oblige owners of construction to enter into a contract on the excavations with the Institute of archaeology of the NASU.

— Construction is in full swing and we still have not received the opportunity to conduct excavations there, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Denis Kozak. — If nothing changes, then in the near future to explore there will be nothing: already dug a pit and started laying concrete. Our appeals to the authorities to no avail. So I had to write to the presidential Administration of Ukraine. State agencies ordered to investigate the situation.

— Alarming safety is still one of the most important monuments of Kievan Rus, which was discovered on the edge of the hem on the street Yurkovsky 11 years ago, but still not studied and not fully excavated, continues — Mikhail Sagaydak. — We are talking about the remains of a stone Church Dating back to the XI century. But the discovery of a stone object for archaeologists studying the history of Kievan Rus, comparable to the discovery of unknown galaxies astronomers. These balances are not less valuable, than the foundations of the tithe Church, the Golden gate, the Fedorovsky monastery… But no excavation of the temple funds. We contacted Glavarhitektury with a request not to allow the construction in this place until you have conducted full research. However, now there propose to build a kindergarten. What will end this story, while difficult to answer.

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