The opening of the Museum of archaeology of Moscow on Manezh square

Sergei Sobyanin has offered to replay the action “night at the Museum” and “parks Day” next weekend, 23 and 24 may. He said this during the opening ceremony after capital repair of the Museum of archaeology of Moscow at the Manege square.

According to the Mayor of Moscow, last weekend was entirely dedicated to culture and art. In the city were well-known and popular “Night at the Museum” and “parks Day”. “”Night at the Museum” — a popular action. Unfortunately, because of the weather she doesn’t quite succeed, but I think we will repeat it this coming weekend, so that all Muscovites can enjoy the opportunity to visit our museums, parks, in order to carry out those activities that might not quite panned out last weekend,” — said Sergey Sobyanin.

The Minister of Moscow Government, head of culture Department Alexander Kibovsky said that in the citywide share, according to preliminary estimates, was attended by about 800 thousand people. According to him, this is a large figure given the bad weather conditions. “We had a “night at the Museum”. Hundreds of thousands of people came to the museums, despite the bad weather, stood in the rain in the queue,” explained the head of Department.

May 16 in Moscow hosted the Days of historical and cultural heritage that included such major cultural events like “night at the Museum”and “parks Day”. Just worked in the city more than 400 cultural sites.

The action “night at the Museum” was held in Moscow for the ninth time. Her symbol was the owl, whose night vision helps to take a fresh look at Museum life.

More than 250 museums, exhibition halls, libraries, theaters held special events, opening to visitors was being stored cultural and historical artifacts.

Parks day was held in Moscow for the fourth time. 20 on-site parks took place musical festivals, theatrical processions, sports and dance competitions, film screenings, children’s programs.

In addition, in the framework of the Days of historical and cultural heritage of Moscow took place the tour of famous Moscow monuments of architecture, including buildings of embassies of foreign States, the Mayoralty of Moscow and Petrovsky Palace, and over 50 walking tours around the city.

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Sergei Sobyanin has opened a renovated underground Museum of archeology of Moscow at the Manege square.

“Today we are opening a wonderful Museum of archeology of Moscow, which, unfortunately, in 1997 was created with serious technical violations. I had to reconstruct it, restore utilities, networks, and now a modern Museum equipment. So I think it will be for many years to serve the citizens and visitors of the capital, to delight them with their exhibitions,” he said.

The Museum of archaeology at the Manege square is located in the heart of the city, at the crossroads of tourist flows. Perfect exposition, combining genuine ancient things with modern technology the show will be very interesting to Muscovites and guests of the city.

The Museum was opened in 1997 by the 850th anniversary of Moscow and is a structural division of the Museum Association “Moscow Museum”.

It is located at a depth of seven meters below ground level. The basis of his exposition were the archaeological finds made during the construction of a shopping center and improvement of the Manege square in 1993 — 1996. Here come all the valuable objects found during excavations on the territory of Moscow. All the exhibition includes about two thousand items.

The Central exhibit of the Museum — foundations Voskresensky bridge XVII — XVIII centuries, which had connected the banks of the river Neglinka. Built during the reign of Boris Godunov and covered after the fire of 1812, the Voskresensky bridge was a witness of several eras of city life.

Another famous find was the treasure-the giant, discovered in 1996 on the territory of the Old Gostiny Dvor (335 European coins, more than 95 thousand Russian silver kopecks and 16 silver vessels of the XVII century).

Among the most ancient exhibits of the Museum of fossils and finds from the Palaeolithic (ancient human skull, jewelry, pottery, tools and others).

The archeology Museum was closed for major refurbishment in September 2020. In the course of the work were replacement of utilities, upgraded ventilation systems, lighting and fire safety carried out the partial reconfiguration of its interior. Had installed surveillance cameras, equipped with automated access control system.

In a land-based pavilion created additional space for the protection of the fire lent, and services. Currently the Museum is adapted to people with limited mobility (mounted special lifts and ramps).

Completely replaced and Museum equipment. In particular, the augmented reality system (multimedia binoculars), allowing viewers to see the surroundings of the Voskresensky bridge in different historical epochs.

In the educational area of the Museum on the weekends will be held children’s workshops on the history of Moscow and archaeology. There will be School novice archaeologist for children from five years old, where young visitors can take part in improvised excavations.

The total area of the Museum after the reconstruction is 1300 square meters, the exhibition area is 800 square meters.

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