The oldest city of the world

Not every city is fortunate enough to preserve the original appearance. In difficult times of war and conquest many cities were destroyed and then rebuilt, so only a few buildings managed to “survive” until our times. Remains of a magnificent city, which can rightfully wear the proud title of “the oldest city in the world”.

Jericho (Palestine)

The mention of the first settlements on the site of modern Jericho are 9000 BC, After three millennia, the city actively began to rebuild and by the end of the 3rd and 2nd Millennium reached its peak. Several times he has been destroyed, one of which was mentioned in the Bible.

It was a magnificent city, in which houses were built of brick and stone. Archaeologists discovered ruins of an ancient synagogue, Dating back to I century BC, a magnificent winter palaces with baths, swimming pools and ornate halls. Near Jericho the mountain of Karantal, which, according to legend, Jesus was forty days tempted of the devil. Now in that place there is the magnificent rock-hewn monastery of Temptation.

Damascus (Syria)

One of the oldest city is Damascus, the first mention of which appeared in the middle of the 2nd Millennium BC. Due to the fact that in ancient times Damascus was under the rule of the Egyptians, Israelites, Assyrians, Persians and even Alexander the great, this ancient gurudwaras in the culture of these peoples.

He became known for his Damascus steel, which was popular in medieval Europe. Today you can see the ruins of the ancient gates of the fortress protecting the city from invasions, the Catholic Church, temples, mosques, the old houses that represent the most important monuments of Damascus culture and history.

Susa (Iran)

The first mention of the ancient city of Susa (modern shush) dates from a time interval 7-4 Millennium BC It was an ancient Sumerian capital of Elam state. In 668 BC, the Babylonians burned Susa, and after 10 years the Elam ceased to exist. The Persians rebuilt the city, restoring and expanding majestic palaces and making Susa his capital.

In our era the city was sacked and destroyed by the Muslims and Mongols, so we got a few monuments of that period. Only the French archaeological expedition carried out excavations of the ancient city, preserved the most important landmark French fortress built in the XIX century to protect the members of the expedition and safety findings.

Derbent (Dagestan)

Russia also has the oldest city, was founded in 438 BC although the first records of settlements date back to the late 4th Millennium BC From different languages its name translates as “closed gate”, “stone”, “wall”. And this is no coincidence – because of the frequent raids of nomads Derbent turned into an impregnable fortress. Since the city passed the Great silk road, it had an important commercial value, and at the time, he would conquer many peoples. He was under the control of Persians, Arabs, Iranians, and only in 1813 was owned by Russia.

The main attractions of Derbent is a fortress with many gates, the Juma mosque, the oldest in Russia, the fortress Naryn-Kala and the Derbent tunnel, a length of 318 m.

Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

The oldest town in Bulgaria was known in the 6th Millennium BC To 72 BC came under Roman rule and received the imminent development. The influence of Rome was brought to our times the Roman structure of the time – the amphitheatre, the thermal baths and the Hippodrome. In the VI century they belonged to the Bulgarians (Slavic tribe), then Byzantium, and in 1364 was occupied by the Ottoman Empire.

Now Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. The rich history of the city left many wonderful attractions that characterize a particular culture. Here you can see ancient Roman buildings, and mosques, and the Thracian fortress.

Jerusalem (Israel)

This city has a rich history associated with the conquest and biblical legends. Founded in the 4th century BC, Jerusalem has sacred significance for millions of people. It is associated with many biblical events, including the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. His story is truly amazing and extensive. There are shrines of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and thousands of pilgrims come annually to Jerusalem to remember their saints and pray.

The most famous sights of Jerusalem is the Western Wall of the mosque on the Temple mount and the Holy sepulcher.

Athens (Greece)

The first mention of the ancient capital of Greece belongs to the XV century BC, It reached a peak of development in 500-300 BC, and on the right is called the cradle of Greek culture. It became the birthplace of many famous ancient Greek historians, geographers, poets and philosophers. Here is still preserved the ancient monuments such as the Acropolis, ancient Agora, Temple of Hephaestus and the Temple of Olympian Zeus, etc.

This is just a partial list of the most ancient cities. In the world there are more cities that have history so old that their origin and cause can only guess by the few documents extant. They are priceless because I saw the change of epochs and civilizations, and even despite the ruins that their greatness will never sink into oblivion.

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