The most terrible discoveries in the world

Nervous in the way archaeologists ordered. Often because of the earth’s formations and caves you can get not only the ancient shards and historical relics, and human remains, buried in a rather grisly fashion, the archaic skeletons of unknown animals and other “horrors” from the darkness of centuries.

Scary human remains

Screaming mummies

Egypt is famous for its historical mysteries. So in 1886, the land of the pharaohs have got another. Egyptologist Gaston Maspero extracted the mummy from the sarcophagus, in order to razbitosti, to explore and to expose as a Museum piece. The burial was very modest, which is unusual for luxury Egyptian sarcophagi and burials is clearly not Imperial. And information about this mummy was almost any. On opening the coffin the researcher found a body which was only wrapped in sheep skin, without any decoration. Itself sheepskin symbolized the ancient Egyptians defect and impurity. In this case, the limbs of the mummies were related, but on the face frozen mask of horror and twisted into a creepy screaming mouth.

The terrible find in the environment of archaeologists was named “Unknown man E”. Many experts put forward their views regarding the death of the deceased, among which the most common was poisoning, torture and burial alive.

However, more than sovremennikami already in the 20th century dispelled all the myths and the guesses of their predecessors. It turns out that if during the mummification of the dead to tie up the jaw, as was done usually in the course of the tissues of the jaw opening and on the face froze creepy mask. It so happened that the strap or rope with the jaw had moved, or torn.

After “mummy Maspero” was discovered a few “flashy” instances in various tombs around the world. However, even evidence-based explanation of this phenomenon don’t do “screaming mummy” cute finds.

The headless Vikings

Another terrible discovery was made by archaeologists relatively recently, in 2010 in Dorset, England. Here near the road, the researchers conducted excavations planned to find ancient shards, the ploughs and other implements of their ancestors. However, a surprise awaited them. Was discovered a mass grave, and very old. But that’s not the worst thing… All the warriors-the Vikings (and it was they, as testified to recent studies) were beheaded. In this case, the skull was separated from the bones of the skeleton.

After a more detailed study of the burials, archaeologists found another creepy detail – the bodies of a total of 54, but the heads are significantly less. It is obvious that some heads of enemies captured the killer as a souvenir. The researchers concluded that there was a public execution or the ritual mass sacrifice. Since all the heads were detached from the torso by a sword in the neck.

The tentative date of burial 8-9 century ad. At this time the Anglo-Saxons suffered regular plundering raids of the Scandinavians. It is therefore possible variant exemplary punishment of the offenders, so the others could not povadno.

Top other horrifying findings of archaeologists

Unknown animal

In 1986, active recreation experiences gained in the National Park of Kahurangi in New Zealand. Near the foot of mount Owen, the researchers-Amateurs stumbled upon a karst cave, which decided to visit.

In one of the winding cave corridors, the company stumbled upon a frightening discovery – a pile of bones strange appearance, sometimes covered with thick skin. In order to determine the animal travellers could not, therefore, felt a superstitious dread, the young people decided that it was a denizen of hell broke out on earth to give up the Ghost. Since the appearance of the “monster” has been around seemingly terrifying giant claws, beak, rough skin…

As it turned out, finding something quite scary. Travelers came across the skeleton of an ancient bird MoA, which had lain in a cave no less then 3 thousand years old and remarkably well preserved. In appearance she was similar to ostrich, so startled the researchers. Rumor has it that in the unpopulated areas of New Zealand, this bird may still exist.

Crystal skull

For a very long time was not denied the rumor that in 1927, in Belize, in the jungle, the local archaeologist Frederick Mitchell hedges did an amazing discovery – a skull made of pure rock crystal of amazing quality and in perfect condition. He was life-size and weighed about 5 pounds. After learning about the discovery of archaeologists, from the local villages here came the Indians, the descendants of the legendary Mayan. They stated that this skull is one of 13 and according to the legend, if you like animals, you can learn all the secrets of the universe.

After more detailed laboratory tests, it was found that the skull made by an unknown technology, which is contrary to all the laws of physics and chemistry. Such a product cannot create the current high-tech equipment, to say nothing of the ancient Maya…

However, not so long ago his story was disproved.

The most terrifying archaeological find

Literally the plot for a horror movie gave the history of the archaeologists in 1988 in the Israeli city of Ashkelon. During the excavation of an ancient sewer of the Roman Empire, workers stumbled upon a graveyard full of babies – thousands of tiny bones.

It turned out that this place was a special school, designed for the destruction of unwanted infants. Roman law allowed up to 2 years to kill the child if the father did not accept him (before this age the child was considered property of the father).

However, among the dead babies could turn out to be illegitimate children of local prostitutes. Born boys were not lucky – they were killed immediately. Girls could wait for a less cruel fate – they were left alive so they could join the ranks of sex workers.

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