“The law against diggers”: not looking in the right place!

A new law against “black diggers” in certain circumstances can turn a search engine and even common summer resident in the offender. The correspondent of “BaltInfo” figured out who needed the new sanctions, and as these are professionals and Amateurs in search of earth.

By European standards?

Recently the state Duma adopted in the first reading a set of amendments to the laws on the protection of archaeological monuments and of objects of archaeological heritage. Under this initiative, known as the “law against “diggers”, amends the 243-th article of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. New points of the law severe sanctions against those who without permission leads these or other excavations. In case of acceptance of amendments, improvident lovers shovels and scrapers can expect severe punishment.

Thus, the new law actually introduces a complete ban on unauthorized, without the permission of the relevant authorities, the use of search technology. For unauthorized recovering targets could face a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles, and in some cases provides corrective works and imprisonment of up to 6 years.

As has told to the correspondent “BaltInfo” the chief specialist of Committee on youth policy of the Leningrad region Vladimir Kazakov, Russia two years ago, is a signatory to the European Convention, and therefore potrzebowalismy Federal law in accordance with it.

Alexander novokshonova of a search party “Ingria” believes that its activities in this bill radically nothing will change. Just now he might be a little more careful.

“People with nothing to do, so they start to “give birth” papers. In our country it is quite a mass movement and influence it is unlikely. Anyone caught, will be fined, but this doesn’t stop. Too much passion in people. It is a kind of social protest – the care of the forest, on nature, on a quest. And so was propertiesi rest, and now there is all this drive and will attract even more supporters. In our country, if you want the phenomenon became widespread, it must be banned, then the people and will be pulled,” said the novokshonova in conversation with the correspondent “BaltInfo”.

Party search party recalled that for digging without permission the law provides administrative liability, limited to the penalty in 500 roubles. “The increase in charges is just an attempt to cut the money. We are an official organization, we have an expedition and have the search engines of the day. It is not income, but a hobby, an escape from the ordinary life”, he said.

According to the search engine, the graves of the soldiers and even archaeological monuments is harmed most vacationers, specifically those who makes plots. “Snips off the layers of the earth, and there are areas! A fresh example is the village of Cerro-2 in the Vsevolozhsk district. During new road construction to gardening unrolled the mass grave. Three weeks the scandal lasts. The bosses saw that climb bones, but it didn’t stop. The gardeners saw that the children play with skulls, raised the issue,” said the novokshonova.

In such cases, in his opinion, should be a law about burial, with military memorials – but they don’t work. And “the law on the black diggers” in no way will help.

“Some diggers are using normal search methods, and others as barbaric. Hence the looting of burial mounds, burial grounds. There is more from the personal qualities of the person. There is no clear distinction. There is also an official diggers who behave as “black”. And there are normal, well-behaved, just don’t want to bother with the paperwork, explained the novokshonova. We have to educate people.”

Archaeologists vs looters

Archaeologist, member of the Institute of history of material culture of RAS Vladimir Kildyushevsky said the correspondent of “BaltInfo”, that has always stood for tougher measures against people with metal detectors.

“Unfortunately, the Russian diggers don’t go to Western, working closely with archaeologists. Our diggers even avoid contacts with the archaeological community. Many work for themselves, many for sale. All things are lost to science, and to strengthen the act would be good for science. Diggers are so numerous that they cannot keep. There is no society of lovers of antiquities, as in pre-revolutionary Russia, when all information is received by the Imperial Commission, and experts visited the site, discovering many now well-known archaeological monuments”, – the expert told.

The expert believes that if the law starts to work, the diggers have to turn to archaeology. Today search teams are mainly in search of burial places of times of the great Patriotic war, and doing a good thing. However, there are those who dig up the archaeological site and ruin it. “These valuables are then sold via the Internet. Thing X century there can cost 40 dollars, but to be extremely valuable to science,” – says the archaeologist.

“Unfortunately, legal and cultural field of our population is very weak, and we are not Mature enough to make everyone who bought a metal detector, to allow them to dig anywhere,” said Kildyushevsky, supporting the idea of the authors of the bill.

According to him, the diggers need under the strict supervision of experts to go on the way to organize communities to self-organize and to establish contact with scientists. Now generally come to consult the experts only about the cost of the trophy was found. “There are cases when, together with Amateurs working. In Vladimir, a man came, said he bought a metal detector, digging at the cottage and found values. Gave us,” cited one positive example of the archaeologist.

But negative examples in his practice was rife. “We went to lunch for an hour. Came and dug a dozen holes. Just one hour, and as many ransacked! After that I had to leave duty to protect excavations. Those who want to pillage, earn it, know where to dig,” said Kildyushevsky.

Archaeologist following the search engine confirms that the law on the protection of monuments, but does not work. “When I caught those guys, the only penalty it was a penalty that stopped the car in the area of the monument. The hand is not caught” – he complained.

The commander of search group “Northwest” Ilya Dyurinsky said “BaltInfo” that it is unclear how the new law will operate, and whether to work at all. “During the construction in St. Petersburg and the region, developers must perform work to study the terrain in the battlefields, but it is not done, though, and spelled out in the law. Any sanctions against him do not apply. All on conscience of the developer. Bones together with the ground removed. Particularly anyone care about this no. Imperfect legislation,” – said search engine, those who doubt the effectiveness of the next document.

Thus, many experts do not oppose the bill per se, but almost certain that the initiative, born by the Ministry of culture, will simply be ineffective. It is difficult to imagine that the owners of metal detectors once forget about your hobby or trade way to earn additional income. To deal with the “black diggers” need licensing of metal detectors and the introduction of sanctions for the shelter of ancient and valuable artifacts, and not fight with fans – this is the General opinion of the respondents “BaltInfo”experts.

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