The achievements of modern paleontology

In these verses, unbelievers have asked how will Allah resurrect them after death when they turn into bones and dust?

Allah commands His prophet Muhammad, sallallahu alaihi WA sallam, to tell them that even if they are transformed after death into stones or iron It to give them life.

In these verses of the Quran deals with the transformation of the bodies of the dead into stones or iron, and the possibility of such conversion is scientifically proven. This scientific fact was the basis for complex studies in paleontology (the science that examines prehistoric forms of life on earth). Thus, the Quran precedes modern science, pointing to the existence of fossils, which become the skeletons of people and animals.

The remains of animals and other organisms from the distant past, usually found in rocks and their age can make millionire.

The observations that certain fossils can be associated with certain rock formations were made by geologists in the nineteenth century. The development of technology of radiometric age analyses of rocks in the beginning of XX-th century allowed geologists to determine absolute age of various rock types and, consequently, the age of the fossils.

Fossils are the only sources for the study of prehistoric life forms on Earth. People far from paleontology called the dinosaur “bones”, but in reality, it is not bone. Organic materials may not be in the same condition for millions of years. That’s why the only remains suitable for studying are turned into stone parts of skeletons.

fossils of lake Mungo

Turn in fossils, only the hard parts of the body such as teeth, claws, shells, and bones. Soft parts of body usually disappear, except for those who were in very special circumstances.

Bones of people and animals turn into fossils as a result of the replacement of organic components in the minerals. In cases where such substitution occurs gradually over a long period of time, microstructural features of the remains are preserved, in spite of a complete replacement of the original bone material. Typically, organic compounds are replaced by calcite or quartz or pyrite.

Calcite and quartz are part of many types of rocks and silica is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust. So when there is substitution for these minerals, fossils preserve the shape of the bones. However, their chemical composition is totally different from the composition of skeletal remains.

Iron fossils occur in the course of replacement of molecules of skeletal remains in the molecules of pyrite, which is also stored their appearance. This process is also referred to as politizatsia.

Thus, the remains of people and animals turned into fossils can persist for a long time.

One of the most ancient fossils of people are “fossils of lake Mungo” – the remains of three well-known sets of fossils found in the dunes of lake Mungo.

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