Stone tomb is an ancient altar, or a natural phenomenon?

Near my native city of Melitopol is an interesting historical object – a Stone tomb . What is education, how did this natural phenomenon in the desert: “rocks “, like rocks, caves, secret letters? Some researchers say that it is a natural phenomenon, others are inclined to think that this piece of the fallen meteorite. From all over the world, tourists and researchers come to this mysterious place. According to people with paranormal abilities, in this place, near the Stone graves vibrates unexplored energy. Indeed, when we climb on “the rocks”, legs feel some vibrations. While on the observation platform of the Museum, can be very clearly feel that here, on a Stone tomb, merges time and space. Looking at the stone idols represent those tribes that took place near the Altar of this Ancient civilization, leaving writings and cave drawings cave walls. Now only the rustle of the reeds of the ancient river Dairy, stone images Yes the wind over the steppes remember the old days. People say you can’t touch the idols that they carry coded information of the tribes. The idol was put on the mounds, the graves of ancient people, it was believed that the soul of the departed into the world of the ancestors dwell in the idol, and not mechetnya living. How many legends have left the ancients, passing through our grasslands. Let’s learn about this historic site in more detail.

The most mysterious and ancient witness of the past is a Stone tomb . Many places on earth that is called the birthplace of humanity. According sumerologist – archaeologist Kitisin, slab Stone Grave inscriptions store, similar to the writings of the ancient Sumerians. On the origin of the Stone tomb is still debated by scientists. Discussed different versions, starting with the fact that it is the remains of an ancient sand banks of the Pontic sea, to version of meteoric origin and of ancient pyramids of the Amazons. What kind of education in the steppe? Maybe someday science will uncover this secret.

Let’s see what the tomb Stone is in reality. This formation in the steppe, which consists of Sandstone, which is composed of manganese and iron, and it gives the Stone slabs of the grave similarities with rocky formations. These plates rise to a height of 12 m. the Total area of the reserve is 3.5 hectares. Stone grave – a place of power.

Stone tombs are caves and grottos, they were investigated by archaeologists, UFO, psychics. Visited the caves archaeologists say that the walls of the caves filled with smoke of funeral bonfires. The fact that the grottoes were made a ritual action, it can be argued, looking at the drawings on stone slabs. They date back to the Paleolithic period (late stone age) to the Christian period. Interesting is the fact that Christians have been marking off the ancient drawings, they considered them pagans. Destroying the picture, top Christians had put a cross, as if consecrating the place of the figure.

The mystery of the Stone tomb has always attracted researchers. The first information date back to the times of Russian – Turkish war. Near the Stone graves were dipkurier rate of the famous General Alexander Suvorov. Our steppe has been a crucial link diplomacy of the Russian Empire. After the war, about the archeological find was forgotten for a long time. Interested in it in the late XIX century by the famous archaeologist Vasilevsky, but nothing significant he found, because his interest as a researcher is gone. Serious research took place before the great Patriotic war the staff of Melitopol Museum of local lore, but the war started and work stopped.

The most mysterious page in the history of the Stone tomb became 1943. Then, during the Nazi occupation, a German archaeological expedition from the “Ahnenerbe,” the ancestral heritage. I must say that by the end of 1930 this society included 50 branches (one of them was located in present Kaliningrad). Under the direct supervision of the society conducted archaeological excavations, carried out the protection of ancient settlements and burial mounds in the occupied Ukrainian territories. Himmler ordered the Ahnenerbe to take and preserve historical artifacts for future tourists – guests of Germany winning. In the mid-19th century English archaeologist, Layard found on the land of the former States of the Sumerian cuneiform library with legends, are identical to the Bible tales. In 1923 he published a work “Fundamentals of Sumerian grammar”. This book still learn from scientists – abstracts, the author of this work was Arno Popel. He lived for many years in America, established an Institute of Numerology. Babel was a convinced Nazi, in 30 -ies he returned to Germany, where he met with Herman Wirth, founder and leader of the occult society “Ahnenerbe”. This society was engaged in archaeological research of ancient civilizations. There is evidence that the money of this society was held a expedition on the Grave Stone. German archaeologists have been able to read the writing in the grotto of the Dog. According to Kirisin is the writing similar to Sumer. In 2001 he published a book Kifisia “Stone grave – the ancient sanctuary”. Studying the past, we pay tribute to the wisdom of the ages and the generations who discovered and gave us this wisdom to his descendants.

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