Mysterious archaeological finds come under the ban

In our times we know many sensational archaeological finds. A large number found by archaeologists falls into the category of “enigmatic findings”.

… Near Webster job in 1897. at a depth of 130 feet, in a coal seam, found a mysterious discovery – carefully carved stone gray in color, about 60 cm in length, 30 in width, and about 10 cm in thickness. On its surface, drawn line, hinging formed perfect diamonds. In the center of each rhombus was clearly seen the face of an elderly person. All figures were repeated a well-marked feature in his forehead was deepening. According to the testimony of the examination, neither the coal seams nor the earth, are not violated in the place where was found the stone. On assurances of experts, the seam of coal, which was a godsend, refers to Carboniferous period. According to the supporters of Darwin’s theory, Homo sapiens, who is able to do certain image on the stone, not apes. They tried to keep this mysterious archaeological discovery from publication.

… By Soviet archaeologists found another mysterious archaeological find. In 1983 in Turkmenistan was identfication on the stone trail of the human foot and three-toed footprint of a dinosaur. Corresponding member of the Turkmen Academy of Sciences, Professor of Amanniyazov stated that there is no evidence. On one of the mountains in California in 1966, was discovered the skull, as modern. Discovery is under the age of 50 mill. years. Religious leaders and scholars accepted it as the truth presents a special scientific evidence. But how about forbidden archeological discovery began to write in the press, everyone fell silent. Then the Church declared it a hoax, because, according to the “old Testament” the world was created only a little more than 7 thousand years ago.

… In 60-e years of the XX century, in Central Mexico have found stone tools. All of these items were very high-tech and could be made only by those who possessed high technology and high level of intelligence. Age was determined unique finds 250 000 years. In accordance with Masonic anthropological concepts of the man “CRO-magnon” period, was not able to make such complex tools. They appeared on Earth more than 40,000 years. The archaeologist was forbidden to publish its own statement in scientific journals, and manuscripts categorically refused to show. Companions archaeologist who tried to get a Photo of the latest archaeological finds for publication, received a warning that they will be refused publication if they want to date the mysterious discoveries of the age of 250 000 years .

… In America in the nineteenth century, in the state of California in search of gold deposits the diggers broke through hundreds of meters of tunnels, the mountains and cliffs. There they found fragments of human skeletons and tools and spearheads. But no other Museum in the world, these mysterious archaeological finds has not been issued yet and is nowhere mentioned in contemporary books and catalogues, why? The answer is quite simple, it gave a scientist from Washington, a supporter of Darwin’s theory – William Holmes. He stated that if Dr. Whitney was a Darwinist, he would never have dared even to describe their sensational archaeological finds.

… In the 50’s, archaeologist George Carter discovered in San Diego the settlement of the ancient Americans. But the official representatives of the hypothesis that the first inhabitants of the American continent was ridiculed by the scientist. After that, he held a more large-scale excavations in the same place, sending out invitations to hundreds of scientists to take part in the study of mysterious archaeological finds. All refused. Just they all knew what could end up for their careers even indirect confirmation of the concept that contradicts the Darwinian descent of man.

… In South Africa, miners found numerous findings that fall under the category of forbidden archaeological finds. Over a hundred metal spheres of 2 types: the first type is made of solid bluish metal with white spots, the second type of hollow balls white and porous inside. They had a fibrous structure of the center and the shell around it. Were very hard, it was impossible to even scratch the sharp steel blade. Age was determined by scientists and consisted of more than two million years. At the time, it was impossible to find on Earth, even microbes. On one of these areas at the equator made three perfect parallel grooves. One can endlessly list the archaeological finds, as well as the prosecution of the perpetrator of scientists for trying to tell the truth. These findings have several times more than the finds, operated by the Darwinians.

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