Living history, or the Most ancient cities of Europe

Europe is not called “the Old world”, emphasizing its ancient and rich history.

However, the age of most of the European cities which attracts tourist for its historical sites, several hundred years. The exception is Rome, which was supposedly founded in 753 BC, but he, contrary to popular opinion, is not the most ancient city of Europe.

It should be noted that in this ranking were the cities that were continuously inhabited since its founding. So what is this city, leading its history from time immemorial?

The city of Paphos, located in Cyprus, is among the most ancient European cities. Archaeologists have found evidence that people lived on the territory of 6 thousand years ago. As one of the main attractions of the city can be called the excavations of the ancient Kingdom of Kition. During the excavations there were found the walls made of gigantic stone blocks, ancient temple complexes, and many other evidences of the ancient culture, which today can be seen in the local archaeological Museum.

However, Larnaca is famous not only for its ancient ruins, but more than young sights. For example, here is the Church of St. Lazarus, which stores the relics of this Greek Bishop. Interest to Puteshestvennikov to represent and the old Turkish Fort, the Franciscan monastery and shopping suburb of the Marina, where we are constantly brisk trade.

Heraklion (or also known as Candia) is one of the most favourite destination for the visitors of Crete. Scientists believe that a rather troubled history of Heraklion can consist of up to six thousand years. The city is constantly won, because of what he experienced the influences of different cultures and peoples.

For example, in 824, the entire island of Crete was captured by Arab conquerors, who turned Heraklion in a fortified Fort. Later replaced the Arabs came the Byzantines, which soon replaced the European crusaders. It is they who in 1204 sold Crete to the Venetians, who in 1669 the city was conquered by the Turks.

As the attractions of Heraklion can be called the archaeological Museum where the famous Phaistos disk is a Minoan artifact of culture, the purpose of which is not clarified by scholars until now. Architectural landmarks represented by various buildings, mainly the Venetian, such as the fortress of Koules, the Venetian loggia, several cathedrals and churches.

One of the oldest city in Europe — Plovdiv situated in southern Bulgaria. This town is much older than Rome, Carthage, Athens and Constantinople. The researchers found that the first settlements appeared here six thousand years ago. Like any other ancient town, Plovdiv has several times changed owners, by surrendering to the will of the various conquerors. Perhaps the most famous of these was Philip II, father of the famous Alexander the great who, having conquered the city, renamed it in his honor.

In Plovdiv to this day preserved architectural structures of ancient times: the Hippodrome, the amphitheatre, the ruins of the city forum, the stadium, the theater, the Basilica, public and residential buildings. Naturally, in this ancient city cannot do without archaeological and historical museums, located in Plovdiv quite a lot.

The Greek city of Argos continuously inhabited for 7,000 years already. In this period scientists have dated the evidence of the first settlements in this place. As in ancient times, the main occupation of the local population is agriculture.

Argos and popular among travelers interested in history. Here you can see the well preserved architectural monuments of ancient time, among which a special place is occupied by the amphitheatre, completely carved into the rock.

Perhaps the most famous city in this list are Athens. Scientists has discovered ancient settlements, Dating from the 7-11th centuries BC, and the written history of Athens begins in 1400 BC, that, you, cannot but cause respect.

To write about all the sights of Athens, perhaps not enough for a huge book that so many of them. The main historical monuments worth to mention the famous Acropolis, the temple of Olympian Zeus, the Areopagus, the construction time of the Roman rule. In Athens there are also many archaeological and historical museums, a trip which could take a traveler a whole week.

Even today, any traveler can feel the breath of ancient history, stroll through the streets of the oldest European cities and touching the majestic ruins, which bear the stamp of millennia of history.

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