Inappropriate artifacts

In archaeology there is a term — “out of place artifact”. Them to denote man-made objects, the technological level which is far ahead of the supposedly corresponding to the given historical period. Such artifacts today found in different parts of the globe. This casts doubt on our understanding of the development of science and technology.

The Delhi column

The great wall of Texas

In 1852 Texas farmers, digging a hole under the economic needs, found the remains of a stone wall, the age of which ranged from 200 to 400 thousand years.

Dr. John Gussman from the University of Texas at Dallas found that all the stones that comprised the wall, have the same level of magnetic field, and concluded that it is a natural formation. However, other researchers did not agree with him. So, the geologist James Shelton of Harvard University and the architect John Lindsey drew attention to the presence in the wall elements, reminiscent of architectural arches, portals, bridges, and square holes, like Windows.

The Delhi column

The age of this pillar in Delhi has more than 1500 years. She of 99.72 per cent consists of iron but does not rust.

According to the head of the Department of applied Sciences and Humanities Institute of technology, India Professor A. P. Gupt, currently the iron of such purity can only be made by premillennialism, but it will contain manganese and sulfur, which are composed of the Delhi columns are missing.

“It was made over 400 years before the largest foundry in the world could produce it,” writes John of Rowlett in the book “the Study of works of masters of ancient and medieval civilizations.”

The nuclear reactor of Gabon

In 1972, a French factory imported uranium ore from Oklo in Gabon, found that the uranium from the ore has already been extracted. Studies have shown that the mine in Oklo, where this ore was mined, was probably used as a nuclear reactor. He was built about 1.8 billion years ago and operated for 500 thousand years!

According to the American expert in the field of nuclear energy Dr. Glenn Seaborg, mine is the reactor, since there are available all conditions for such reactions which could not occur naturally. So, water must have a high degree of purity and must be present in sufficient quantity isotope of uranium U-235. True, some colleagues of Seaborg believe that a mine in Oklo contains no U-235 in quantities needed for a nuclear reaction.

Pipe cave leisure hotel

In the caves near the Chinese mountain leisure hotel, was found a system of pipes that led to the lake. Experts from the Beijing Geology Institute found that the pipeline was constructed about 150 thousand years ago! At the local smelter was investigated the composition of the pipes, after which it was concluded that eight percent of the material from which they are made, not definable.

In addition, some of these pipes had a high radioactive background. Research officer of Department earthquake Zheng Jianjun first suggested that the pipes are formed naturally from iron-rich magma, but later said that it is difficult to explain the appearance of these formations naturally. Also the radioactivity of the tubes, in his opinion, casts doubt on their natural origin.

Seismic detector from Ancient China

The world’s first seismoscope was established in the year 132 the inventor of the era of the Eastern Han dynasty Zhang Heng. In 138 the device was able to fix the earthquake 300 miles West of the then capital Luoyang.

Modern scientists have been unable to test seismoscope Han, but made according to his drawings, copies acted as and modern seismographs.

Spark plug from California

In 1961, the three owners of the jewelry and gift store in California Olancha was searching for Geode, which was necessary for their business. In it they found something similar to a spark plug. The fossil came into the hands of geologists, who named the age of the Geode is more than half a million years. Unfortunately, then find somewhere disappeared… research by Pierre Stromberg and Paul V. Heinrich, have an x-ray image and the artifact, I believe that it was about modern spark plug that is enclosed in some substance that was not geodom. But direct evidence of hoax are not.

These episodes can attest to the fact that everything is new, as is often said, — it is well forgotten old, and we still know too little about the history of earth’s civilizations…

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