Experts from the Ministry of culture of Greece, the University of Copenhagen and the Danish Institute in Athens, engaged in a collaborative study of a submerged port of Corinth, made a sensational discovery. During the survey of the entrance channel to the harbour had been discovered eight pillars — the remains of structures submerged port. To the West of the canal were also opened two Mall. To their surprise, the researchers found that the discovery of more than half. Read more ”

According to the linguist-archaeologist and coordinator of the Erasmus program University of applied Sciences of Crete, Gareth Owens, the key to deciphering the Phaistos disk is a Minoan goddess of love Astarte. Analyzing the results of recent studies, Gareth Owens concludes: “there is No doubt that Phaistos disk is written in religious text. This becomes evident when compared with other religious words and inscriptions with the sacred. Read more ”

Sunken in the year 65 BC, the ancient ship was discovered off the island of Antikythera in 1900, and his research formed the epoch of the formation of underwater archaeology. Scientists have discovered at the shipwreck numerous ancient monuments, including the unique bronze statues and the famous Antikythira mechanism, however, despite lasting over a hundred years of research, the finds continue. New discoveries reported. Read more ”

Archaeological excavations
on the island of Crete began on 23 March 1900. They were directed by the English collector and lover of antiquity Arthur Evans. Has not passed also several hours as archaeologists discovered the remains of the ancient building and various expensive items that belonged to the once powerful ruler. Evans was eager to show the world his discovery. Reports of sensational excavations in Crete have appeared in almost all Newspapers. Read more ”

Since the summer of 2020 from a provincial Greek town Amfipoli regularly received archaeological news, each of which invariably bolted the press yellower or interrogative, or an exclamation point: “Scientists have got inside a giant tomb!”, “Found decapitated sphinxes!”, “Discovered tomb of Alexander the great?”, “The mystery of the family of Alexander the Great!” and so on. The most frequent search request in Greek. Read more “

“About how wonderful discoveries we prepares Enlightenment spirit…” Perhaps, this year, archaeologists have worked hard and gathered a generous harvest. Thanks to their hard work managed to learn more about Stonehenge, the terrible death of king Richard the Third and the treat for the mummies in the form of cheese. Try to make a short journey through the most significant archaeological discoveries of 2020 — from the discovery of an ancient tomb in Greece to the first. Read more ”

Greek archaeologists admit that under the hill Kasta in the city of Amphipolis in Northern Greece may be the tomb of Alexander the great. This was stated by the head of archaeological excavations Katerina peristeri (Peristeri Katerina), introducing on Saturday by the Greek Ministry of Culture results of excavations in 2020-2020. The report aroused great interest — the Assembly hall of the Ministry of culture was Packed, the discussion lasted 4.5 hours, although originally a form of meeting. Read more ”

British troops in 1916 tried to steal in Greece and transported to London in the unique five-meter marble lion, which decorated the burial site in Amphipolis, announced the Greek archaeologist Michalis Lefantzi. Archaeologists unveiled Sunday at the Ministry of culture of Greece the results of the excavations in 2020-2020 on the hill Kasta in Amphipolis. Burial called the largest archeological discovery of the last decades — the funerary complex of diameter. Read more ”

Macedonian tomb from time of Alexander the Great was discovered during the excavations in Vergina. This was announced by the archaeologist Angelica Kottaridi, who heads the work. According to the archaeologist, the tomb is untouched, which is a rarity, since the necropolis in the Egon it was completely sacked by the Gauls in 276-m BC, the Remains in the burial belonged to a man who died during the reign of Alexander the great (336-323 BC). Read more ”

Major archaeological event in 2020 was the study of the tombs in ancient Amfipoli, in the region of Central Macedonia in Northern Greece. In the second half of August, the archaeologists broke into the tomb and began one after another to explore its interior. Now they found a few ancient pieces of art, some of which, presumably, were created by Deinocrates – court architect. Read more “

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London founded by the Romans.
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