Discoveries of ancient Greece

The city of Tiryns, built in the XIII century BC, is a unique sample of fortification architecture. About him can say the words of Homer: “a city with strong walls”. Monumental buildings of this city-the citadel historians have called cyclopean masonry is a term used to describe people not only how to build these amazing structures is to build them could only be giants-Cyclops.

The length of the walls of Tiryns is 700 m and the width about 8 meters. The city was built on a small hill with a height of 18 meters, on the spot where once stretched the swamp. On a plan of ancient architects,all here had eclogite attackers the ability to attack.

For example, leading into the city from the East road was made with a large slope and rather convoluted – that the attackers were more vulnerable. A first gate immediately followed by another – intermediate, larger. Particularly noteworthy are located in the southern part of the fortress vaulted gallery near the inner gate. In the Western part of the citadel survived the stairs that connected the outer and inner fences.

In the North of the citadel housed the tanks of water.

The ancient city of Lissos was previously the port city of Dorian Elyros, which is located near the modern village of Rodovani. Lissos was destroyed by the Arabs, the Saracens, who arrived from Spain. Sachsisches is a picturesque place with beautiful scenery that holds many unsolved mysteries.

This prosperous city had its Asclepio with healing water, where he treated people from all over the island. Unfortunately, Asclepio was destroyed by the earthquake, so today you can see only the mosaic floors with images of geometric shapes and animals. In addition to Asclepio at Lissos has a Roman cemetery with crypts. The city is also the chapel of St. kyrik, where pilgrims arrive on the day of his birthday party – July 15.

To get to Lissos is possible by boat from Sougia (20 minutes) or on foot along the path from Sougia (2 hours).

Ancient Amphipolis was founded as an Athenian colony in 437 year BC. In 357, the year BC was conquered by Philip the Second of Macedon.

In times past it was the city where once lived the ancient ancestors of the modern inhabitants of Athens and the people from Central Macedonia. Ancient Amphipolis was built on a high plateau between the navigable river Strymon and mount Pangaion with magnificent views of the East river, emerging from the lake Cercinitis, near the Aegean sea.

It was a place rich in precious metals and woods for shipbuilding. And all this was at the crossroads of the main routes between settlements. We can say that in those days the city was the heart of trade and a centre of communications between the settlements. Archaeological finds from all periods testify to the richness of the craft and artistic production in ancient Amphipolis.

Today Amphipolis is a municipality in the Serres regional unit of Greece.

The ancient Pylos, which is mentioned by Homer, was founded by the grandson of Policeone – Pilas. Its Zenith the city reached during the reign of Nelea. In the 13th century BC Pylos was headed by his son, Nestor, whose reign lasted three generations. According to the testimony of Pausanias, the ancient Greek writer, Pylos was located on the hill of Crifasi, the Bay of Voidokilia.

To our days the ruins of the magnificent Palace of Nestor Mycenaean period (about 1700-1200 years BC). The structure is preserved better than other similar this epoch, was discovered by archaeologists in 1939 in ANO, Angiano.

The building, which is a huge complex, which previously consisted of three buildings: the main Palace of the 45 rooms of the Palace minor, as well as houses for the guards. During excavations was found a tub in which, according to the description of Homer, bathed Telemachus. In the throne room (Megatron) was found the most beautiful of all the extant frescoes of the Palace with the image of a Griffin guarding the throne. In addition, there were found household items, pottery, signs with linear a script.

Today the site is an Archaeological Museum and the main attraction of modern Pylos.

The sights of ancient Greece is not only ancient temples, built before our era. This collection of entire cities, which for several thousand years, the ruins, which for centuries kept their history. You will be able to touch the living myths and legends, which is so famous in this country. RuTraveller from a selection of sights of ancient Greece.

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