Black diggers Novorossiysk

Last week in the city-hero of the law enforcement officers stopped the illegal extraction of marl on the slope of the Markotkh range.

The building materials were mined in the immediate vicinity of the houses, but found “the southern Times”, this is a violation of the law is not the most serious in this situation. Stories like this, the editors have published more than once. In light of the construction of highways in the Krasnodar territory the event and even acquires a sinister color.

The staff of the office economic security and combating corruption GU MVD of Russia in Krasnodar region stopped illegal activities of subsoil users on 21 October, on Wednesday, arresting all persons working on the site construction equipment: excavator, bulldozer, and several dump trucks. Up to this point the work in this territory were, with varying degrees of intensity, 2010. And before that it was just covered with natural vegetation, the slope of the Markotkh range.

The plot, in question, is 20 metres from a residential area in the street of cement plant “Proletariat”, and at some point began to be the object of commercial interests of various businesses.

In 2010 there appeared the construction site and the work went on in full swing. According to some information,then the owner of the land on which construction began, was a senior official from Krasnodar, apparently, therefore, the administration of Novorossiysk covers associated with project disturbances.

But the protests of local residents is still forced authorities to revoke the building permit, and construction was frozen.

The story continued in 2020, when city officials announced the construction of a transport terminal here. As says one of the activists, a member of the “Environmental watch on North Caucasus” Yuri Ananiev living in one of the houses in the area, necessary permits for the project to local residents was not provided. According to him, the land was bought by LLC “Mountain”, the owner of the site, around which the scandal since 2020 is a kind of Natalia Shestakova.

It should be noted that the Eastern district of Novorossiysk, – and without that one big industrial zone. People are forced to live in the surroundings of two cement factories “October” and “Proletariat”, shipbuilding and repair and asphalt-concrete plants, an oil jetty, pier, cement and other industrial facilities. That will appear Autoterminal, would not tolerate. And this time managed to defend their interests.

Start of a new turn of history “mountains” almost coincided with the election of the Governor of Kuban, which, we recall, took place on 13 September 2015. On the plot intensified work on goals which the organization’s representatives, their leader, spoke vaguely they need to “clear the area”.

According to Yuri Ananieva, Department of architecture, Novorossiysk city administration was instructed to deal with the matter. However, no one understood. At the same time, the number of heavy vehicles has increased dramatically, and work on the slope of the Markotkh has been exacerbated.

So much so, that inhabitants of nearby houses, having collected more than 100 signatures, has written a collective letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin (a copy of the letter the editorial office also offers). In it they emphasize violations of sanitary regulations and standards, which prohibits doing construction work in the 100-meter sanitary protection zone, and asked to restore the natural green cover of the mountain, protecting the residential area from the harmful effects of a cement quarry.

During their own investigation, “the southern Times” found out that the main purpose of the work conducted in this territory, was not the construction nor the transportation terminal, or anything else. It has been exploited by marl, which was taken out for the construction of a rail loop of the Park “B” Novorossiysk railway junction.

If the data confirms a consequence, in the history of “mastering the mountain” appears a completely different turn: it is not only about the violation of sanitary regulations and standards, and of economic crime associated with budget money.

Implementation of the program “Complex development of Novorossiysk transport hub” will allow to increase the capacity of the Novorossiysk railway station is almost one and a half times. The opportunity to start the construction work came after Federal railway transport Agency in October 2020 approved a planning project of the territory of Novorossiysk in connection with construction of railway parks and development station of hero-city.

The cost of work – more than 10.6 billion. It is clear that this sum is attracted the business of any level and any degree of honesty.

If you have issued for the construction site quarry, and nearby major construction began, state-funded, it is possible to come up with a scheme whereby part of the money to bypass the necessary budget allocations will go to your account, it is easy.

The events developed as follows. A major technology company won the contest and gave sub-contracts to contractors (company names of the whole chain of our known to the editors). Have you received any money on account of the “masters of the mountain”, we don’t know. But in such cases, as it is known from practice, the price of marl significantly below the market, as its structure is not incorporated taxes into the state budget. According to our data, marl promised for 25 rubles per cubic meter. For comparison: at “ofitsialov” the same amount, depending on the quality of the material and the value of purchases ranges from 90 to 150 rubles for the same unit of measure.

The sellers had no relevant documentation. What they had hoped? It is likely that the materials they will be able to have a legal paid for license firms, they have. However, none of the mining companies, are included in the registry of the regional Ministry of natural resources, agreed to go to the Scam in the project, which involved the state. On not confirmed while to the data, the budget tranche for the supplied marl amounted to a tidy sum – 30 million roubles.

The region in the red

Illegal immigrants cut down forests, destroy the soil, are barbaric development of the quarry. The activities of the shadow economy is detrimental not only to nature, but also the budget. In this case, regional. After all, if the extraction tax, let’s say, natural gas, fully goes to the Federal Treasury, the payment of the so-called “common minerals” – 100% regional. That is illegal, mining is widely used in construction gypsum, marl, limestone, sand and different sand-gravel rocks, Rob first of all Kuban Treasury. Any subsoil user, extractive marl, for every recycled tonne have to pay 35 rubles, which in our history, of course, not paid. How much the regional budget, the deficit of which in recent times eerily rising, lost on the “construction site” of the Markotkh range, have yet to figure out.

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