As “black archeologists” treasure lost

For the last couple of centuries, archaeologists around the world have found more than hundreds of thousands of household items and hunting, which tell about life of our ancestors long before the new era. But excavations continue, including in our area.

At the international scientific conference “Modern problems of archeology and history of the early nomads of the Urals” on 16 April and discussed the issues related to the search of valuable antiquities.

At the conference (and she was held in Orenburg Governor’s local lore and history Museum) presentations from leading archaeologists from Moscow, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Samara, Orenburg region, neighboring Kazakhstan, and related professionals natural Sciences.

In the Orenburg region opened 2 thousand archaeological sites: ancient settlements, hill FORTS, burial mounds. Historians and archaeologists there is no purpose to look for everything, their is already enough. But to preserve such a monument is important, though difficult.

Vice-Governor Pavel Samsonov . opening the conference, recalled that the Orenburg area is considered to be the heart of Eurasia.

— The Orenburg region is a unique region because is located in the center of Eurasia, has been and remains a historical crossroads of civilizations of the past, a crossroads of cultures, Economics. Why so many significant monuments of history.

Pavilasovich meant primarily Kargalinskoe copper mines and Filippovskii mounds, which were the discoveries of the world level, as part of the cultural and historical heritage of all mankind. Findings in these areas indicate that more than 3 thousand years ago there was the development that had global significance. Take the Kargaly — in the bronze age up to 80 per cent of copper the peoples of Eurasia received from here.

A special, honorary guest of the conference was doctor of historical Sciences Leonid Yablonsky . head of the Department of Scythian and Sarmatian archaeology, Institute of archaeology Russian Academy of Sciences. In almost every Filippovsky burial mound found gold items, he said. But where the gold is, there is trouble.

— The main problem of the archaeology today, the so — called “black archeologists”, who stole an important burial — explains Leonid Teodorovich. Often they come before us, the archaeologists, and then we can only determine the approximate date of the looting — on the remaining labels from beer.

In 2004 Leonid Teodorovich led the excavations Filippovsky burial in Ilek area. Then we found out that in the “Royal” barrow before the arrival of the archaeologists, the robbers drove the excavator and dug out all the earth around. Of course, values after this mechanized barbarism did not have any. But archaeologists accomplished a real scientific feat: they continued the excavation, and found that all the most valuable items were located just under the place where stood the excavator! Managed to find more than a hundred rarities: the subjects of protective and offensive arms of Sarmatian chiefs, costume jewelry, items of horse harness, done in a tasteful manner, precious women’s jewelry, household items, ritual vessels and utensils made of precious metals. All the finds have been deposited in the Orenburg Governor’s local history Museum.

In the same year archaeologists along with the students of pedagogical University have found a unique burial: a young man years 17, who was buried in an upright position. This suggests that thousands of years ago, we used to practice sacrificial rites.

Found out this fact too: 3 thousand years ago, the Sarmatian women, as some of our contemporaries, were popular tattoos. Found bone needles and palettes for cultivation of paints that are used for drawing pictures on body.

The conference took place presentation of the book by Leonid Yablonsky. Her full name sounds so: “the Gold Sarmatian chiefs. Elite Filippovka necropolis I (on materials of excavations 2004 — 2009). Catalog of the collection. The Book I”.

Chairman of Legislative Assembly Sergey Grachev said:

— Eleven years ago, having got acquainted with Leonid Teodorovich, I realized that archeology is proving to be a very exciting experience. When I picked up one of the vessels, Leonid Teodorovich said that I was the second person in 2 500 years, who had handled the vessel. My professional education in engineering gave rise to new thoughts, when they showed me that people did before. I realized that thanks to the materials found by archaeologists in our area, can be history.

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