Ancient Rus ‘ epic hero

Epic hero Ilya Muromets — whether he was in reality, the years in which he lived, where he served, not his relics are in the caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra? History is silent. But there is information about it in the noosphere, the layer of the Earth. In this article she submitted and received by the author.

Ilya Muromets — a hero of ancient Russia. He served at the court of Prince Vladimir in 1238 1255 years. Originally was really from Karacharovo village near Murom. In the twenty-year-old was spotted by the recruiters of the Prince and invited to the service. Served as a private soldier in a special squad, headed by Sergeant Dobrynia Nikitich. Can be translated into modern language the name of this group as the Prince’s forces. The squad includes protection of the princely family, the exploration of the positions of enemy groups and participation in key battles not only in the Vladimir troops, but in units of other principalities. The soldiers of this detachment has been very serious combat training and were a very formidable force in battle even with superior number of the enemy. The warriors lived and trained in a two-storey stone building in Vladimir, standing in front of the Knyaginin monastery. In Vladimir and Kiev prohodilis soldiers of various principalities of the competition. They used wooden models. The undisputed champion has always been Elijah. He was also a great wrestler. Distinguished by asceticism and spirituality. One of these days to the town of Vladimir was approached by a hired enemy detachment of 600 persons for the purpose of reconnaissance and military positions in the city. Meet them went spetsnaz Vladimir in the amount of 130 soldiers, was immediately clash and fight strong. The enemy force was also strong fighters from different nationalities. However, Vladimir was stronger and after a 20 minute battle he had routed the enemy force. The result of the battle destroyed 225 enemy soldiers and commandos 24 dead, among them was Ilya Muromets. During the battle he managed to destroy five of them and a little later, having flung themselves into the deep the camp of the enemies without support from their colleagues (it was a violation of the rules of warfare as prescribed to the soldiers of the squad of Vladimir) was surrounded, but continued to fight. However, there was a unexpected situation. One of the enemy began to throw stones from a sling.

Getting in Ilya, they had made him strong. But chainmail Ilya was short, barely covering the lower part of the abdomen, so as not to restrict his mobility. And one of the stones hit Ilya in the groin. Severe pain forced him to bend for a few seconds. This was sufficient to receive the blows of a club. Near one of the combatants was not and an unconscious Illya quickly finished off. Mountain commandos, all Vladimirtsev, the princely family was huge. The dead were buried that night on the battlefield. In the middle of the set of logs cross, around him in a circle were placed the bodies of the dead heads to the cross, he covered them with cloth and covered with earth. So far, this sublime space is preserved in the floodplain of the Klyazma river, to the South of Vladimir, near the village of Alabushevo. The mournful tidings spread in all cities of Russia. Ilya Muromets became a Russian national hero. Subsequently some Russian soldiers took them as a sign of deepest respect and worship the pseudonym of Ilya Muromets. One of them a monk and a warrior at the same time the Kiev — Pechersk Lavra. After his natural death, he was buried under the name of Ilya Muromets. Later on this place were buried the other dead soldiers of the squad of Vladimir. On the field there arose a necropolis. There was a wooden chapel. At the mass grave stood a memorial stone. One friend, 80-year-old Vladimir government, the grandson of Archpriest of one of the Vladimir churches, told an interesting story, handed down from generation to generation. Indeed, the Ilya Muromets served in the Vladimir princely detachment and was killed not far from Vladimir. Somewhere beyond the Klyazma is his grave. His armour was stored for many years in the basement of one of the temples of the city. But in the late 18th century, once disappeared, and the grave, and his armor, as well as all information about his life and valour. Someone these artifacts is prevented. To deprive Russians of their history means to deprive them of patriotism and love of country!

The grave of Ilya of Murom in the Vladimir region — surroundings of Ulybysheva (exact location marked by arrow)

In this regard, the author has made an attempt this summer to find the grave of Ilya Muromets. Providence has led on the field really close to the village of Ulybysheva located 3 km from the Vladimir – Ulybysheva and 18 km from Vladimir. A large swampy field with lots of the bypass channels. Nearby is a sand quarry, which began operations in 80-ies. Generate an empty pit was filled with water and field swaps. The grass on the chest. To overcome the last meters of the intended burial place of Ilya Muromets failed. The road was blocked by a broad marshy channel (about 7 m wide, depth up to 1.5 metre) covered with bushes and duckweed. To overcome it one without gear failed. However, on an empty, relatively smooth field showed a small elevation of rounded shape. The location of the mound coincides with the noosphere of information. Unfortunately, due to bad weather to make good pictures of failed (see Photo). It remained for the experts. The land of Vladimir has a rich history that goes back far into ancient times. And it would not have tried the “scribes” of Russian history to alter it, historical truth will prevail!

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