Ancient Civilizations and Prophets

According to another legend, which is set out in the Chronicles of the nearby Buddhist monastery, the pyramids began in the era of ancient emperors, whose ancestors came to Earth on “the kites of iron”. Therefore, the oldest of the pyramids is more than 5,000 years. A full-blooded descendants of those ancient aliens from outer space in China is considered to be the stunted folk “Zopa”, living now in China’s Sichuan province. Far from their settlements, in a remote area of the mountain range of Bayan-Kara-Ula are amazing ancient burial sites. In huge multi-tiered buildings are absolutely correct round shape with radiating in all directions stone rays are numerous graves with the remains of the ancestors “Zopa”, the age of the earliest of which nearly 12,000 years! Inside the tombs lie the skeletons of mysterious creatures similar to human, but differs from them a disproportionately large skull is too thin and fragile bones. In some burials the researchers also found metal disks with a diameter of 30 cm and a thickness of 1 cm, on which both parties were located in a spiral engraved with unknown characters and symbols. Just found 715 similar disks, most of them had traces of exposure in the distant past of strong magnetic fields. After decryption, Kotorosl about 25 years, was that the drives contain the history of the destruction of the spaceship of the ancestors “Zopa” that had come from Sirius, as well as the hardships and suffering endured by those who survived after the disaster. Since then, on the orders of the Chinese government the area is declared closed for any unauthorized visits.

True or not, but really ancient China has produced many unique inventions: from the first rocket technology and gunpowder to printing and toilet paper. Two thousand years ago the Chinese already used drilling rigs for salt mining, oil and gas. Their height exceeded 50 m, they used durable bamboo cables and iron drills of different shapes, and the extracted gas was passed at a distance on the pipe system. Then were developed the first tool – a device for measuring the distance traveled by the cart; the basis of their mechanism constituted of a gear reducer, the prototype of the modern manual transmission car. In the II century of our era scientist and inventor Zhang Heng (78-139 ad) invented the first seismograph, which allowed to predict earthquakes, and celestial globe of mechanical and compass (a cart with a mechanism of gears, a pointer which during movement and turns the truck showed in the initially specified direction). In 1959 archaeologists discovered an aluminum strip made by the Chinese several thousand years ago; the aluminum was obtained from a raw material by electrolysis. Jewelry and ornaments are some ancient Chinese tombs, e.g. the tomb of the commander Zhou Zhu (265-316 ad), were also made of alloy, 85% of which is aluminum.

Prosperity and technology have achieved in China during the song dynasty (960-1279 BC). Throughout the Empire were built mines, mines, smelters, shipyards, salt works, weaving and ceramic workshops, oil mill, distillery, paper mill etc. using complex mechanisms, powered water irrigation systems and pumps, automated mills and furnaces, hydraulic hammers and presses. Then the Chinese had already the whole factory for the production of various goods: weapons, fabrics, utensils, ornaments, land and sea trade routes spread throughout Asia down to the Mediterranean sea and the Eastern coast of Africa. In 1090 CE, the engineer su song (1020-1101 ad) developed one of the most complex ancient mechanisms, which is called “space engine”. Inside the tower height of 12 meters located from the system 400 of parts; this astronomical computer accurately counted minutes, hours, days, weeks and years, showed the movement of the Sun, moon, and planets in space and predicted the fateful moments in the life of the Imperial family and the state. Written by su song’s treatise “New design mechanical armillary sphere and celestial vault” contains a detailed description of his device, as well as 47 illustrations, including all of the parts and their Assembly.

At all times a prominent role in Chinese state was played by the priests and the soothsayers, and the king himself would serve as high priest. In Eastern and Northern China, there were temples with secret underground sanctuaries, the priests of which had knowledge of existing within the person of the invisible life forces. Thus, the ancient Chinese breathing exercises was based on the creation of optimal proportions of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood and was used during meditation and in ancient Chinese texts “Jung” is a description of the process of awakening and recovery of energy through the spinal column. For centuries this knowledge was passed down orally from generation to generation, until in the sixth century BC are not written to Confucius.

In ancient Chinese texts, the essence of life’s journey is transmitted by the hieroglyphs “si” (“pause”, “pause”) or “Chien” (“the period”). Consciousness is described as “eternal flow”, “shadow of truth”, “the investigation for no reason, always triggers and not lead to the source”. The goal of spiritual practice – the state of “bezustannie of wisdom”, which can be achieved when “the bloom of consciousness.” Then there is a continuous “transfer of spirit” (“Shen”), and this act concluded the process of vicepresidente spiritual awakening. Thus Chinese wisdom is the humility of thought. “It comes with patience and calmness of spirit, perceived the futility of any calculation, discovered their fate in the depths of thoughtless intuition of the world.” It is “the ambition to be besubjected nonduality of pure consciousness and the ordinary human mind”.

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