10 ancient cities that have not yet crowded with tourists.

Copan is called the Athens of the ancient Maya. He was one of the largest cities of this civilization, but in the IX century, began to decline. In 1980, Copan was included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The total area of the city is 24 square miles, and there are ancient buildings, temples, a stadium for ball games and a majestic staircase. To get to Copan from San Pedro Sula. The entrance of the archeological Park costs $10. If you want to visit is located here is the Museum of Mayan sculpture, to this sum will have to add $5.

This fortress town is located at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level and is surrounded by tropical rainforest. Kuelap was built between 900 and 1100 years B. C. representatives of the ancient peoples of chachapoya, which the Incas called “warriors of the clouds”. The city has preserved many buildings oval forms, among which the most notable is the tower and the fortress. The entrance to Kuelap cost $15. You can get there from the city of Chachapoyas.

This is one of the largest cities of the Mayan civilization. It re-opened in 1937, and since then, the Caracol is the main historical landmark of Belize. The remains of the city are located on the Vaca plateau at an altitude of 500 m above sea level.It survived many stone buildings, including the impressive pyramids. Caracole to get to from San Ignacio. Ticket price is $7.5.

Ciudad Perdida (“lost city”) was accidentally found in the jungles of Columbia in 1972. Presumably it was founded about 800 BC by the representatives of the Tayrona culture. When these lands began to conquer the Spanish conquistadors, the population left the city. Here are preserved cobblestone roads, stairs, round the square and several agricultural terraces. The area also has a staircase of 1200 steps. Ciudad Perdida has long been inaccessible to tourists due to guerrilla wars. Now the tour has resumed. Book a tour in one of the tour offices in the city of Santa Marta. The cost starts from $275 per person and requires good physical preparation — will have a lot of walking in the mountains.

The city, built by people Canary and later conquered by the Incas, is located at a height of 3120 m above sea level. Of the surviving buildings the most important is the temple of the Sun, once used for religious rites and observations of the sun. In 2010, scientists found three sacred stones of the ancestors — relics, with which the Incas carried out the link between the physical and spirit world. Travel Agency in Cuenca can arrange day tours to Ingapirca. The cost is $50 per person, the cost of the entrance ticket to the complex is $6.

The city was founded in 1539 and was the last refuge of the Incas before their lands were conquered by the conquistadors. The Spaniards burned the Vilcabamba and founded a small village nearby, where silver was mined the miners. The existence of this city was forgotten for a long time, and the second time Vilcabamba was discovered in the late 1800-ies. There are remains of ancient walls and buildings. Travel agencies in Cusco can arrange guided tours, which includes the Vilcabamba. The cost depends on the number of days and visited sites. For example, in one of the agencies 5-day tour for two people visiting some of the attractions will cost $1660 per person.

Utica, located 30 km from the capital of Tunisia, founded by Phoenicians, then conquered by the Romans and finally destroyed by the Arabs. In the beginning of XX century here began to dig. In Utica, walls of a Fort, the remains of the theatre and the forum, the necropolis and the rectangular pool, and marble floors in some buildings. You can get there from the cities of Tunis and Bizerte. The cost of a day trip from Bizerte is $50 per person.

One of the largest settlements of the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian era. The remains of the city located in the jungles of Guatemala, were discovered in 1926. There are remains of the two pyramids of El Tigre and Danta. Due to the inconvenient location of El Mirador enjoys such popularity with tourists, as, for example, another ancient Mayan city — Tikal. A tour to El Mirador can be arranged in one of the tourist agencies in the cities of Flores or Santa Elena. The entrance ticket to the territory of the complex is us $7.8.

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